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We Teach Music Lessons On: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Djembes, Steel Drums, Saxophone, and Singing.

Technical Music Lessons On: Audio Engineering and how to record a song, Composing for Film and Animation, Composing for Video Games,  Sound Design as well as how to use Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools for recording.

Music Related Lessons On: Music Theory, Songwriting, Music History, and Music Mindfulness.

Weekly Group: Music Production Classes (Mondays & Saturdays), Audio Engineering Class (Thursdays), and Kid's Music Sampler Class (Saturdays), RML Beginner IDD Ensemble (Saturdays)

Monthly Group: Drum circles for adults focused on jamming, Drum Circles for Adults focused on History and technique of West African Drumming,  

We Also Offer: Offsite Music Lessons and Drum Circles for groups and team building.

Our Services

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